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[예능] 싱데렐라 19회 GOT7 _170324 Singderella Full VOD

Forgive my Korean, I’m not fluent. I apologize for any mistakes. Enjoy~ Viewers, are you ready~? What should we get ready for? With good songs your ears will enjoy. With delicious night snacks your eyes and mouth will enjoy! This is what we’ve prepared! Singderella, where the midnight snack shines!
(lol I don’t know how else to word this) The last time, we had Red Velvet, Lovelyz, GFriend. Sonamoo and April. That’s why i like it so much It feels like this program is the only program that invites girl groups only. (They are talking about expecting a girl group) So my heart flutters today too we don’t know which girl group will appear Let’s open the curtain prettily for them Sunggyu, go and greet the guests! Welcome, guests! [Ahh.. Boy group…] GOT7! [Today’s Guest, GOT7] wow amazing Today’s Singderella 5th guest seven sexy guys Global boyfriend idol, GOT7! Hello! We are GOT7! Do they like it that much? The best Hallyu star GOT7 unfortunately (?) came to visit us 4 guys in Singderella. (because they were expecting a girl group) They are great Hallyu stars. Actually, everyone knows that there are 7 members in GOT7. But today, because Jackson’s not feeling well so he can’t come. [We wish for Jackson to recover well~] The writers are really mean. The whole time they were supportive with whatever Sunggyu does. But because GOT7 is here… At first, when I came, I got this amount of support. As the weeks goes by, whatever I do, they’ll be like… Once they came, they’re like: Aren’t you tired? [Singderella loves MC Sungkyu ^^] Moon Heejun, is it hard on your knees after jumping around with them? Yes. I’ve debuted for 21 years now. How long has GOT7 debut? It’s been 4 years. There are members that are 21 years old, right? He debuted when Yugyeom and Bambam were born. [Amazed] You also have the foreigner line, right? Bambam from Thailand and Mark from L.A. Have you two came to Korea for 4 years too? I came in the year 2010. It’s been 7 years. Then did Bambam came before… We came together. Who is better at Korean between them, according to the members? Bambam is better at talking, Mark is better at understanding. Then you two are complete! One person listens, one person talks. It’s time to get to know GOT7. Yes, that’s right. Moon Heejun and Sunggyu’s Star Live Profile! Today our guests are GOT7. 6 years after 2AM and 2PM, they are JYP’s next boy group. They are a multinational hip-hop group. An active group in the Hallyu wave. 7 global boyfriend idols who’ve captured hearts of females around the world. They have come to Singderella! Midnight snack is a must-eat! GOT7 has debuted with their first mini-album in 2014, with Girls Girls Girls. They have captured the hearts of fans with b-boying and martial arts tricking. Please show us the choreography! [This is martial arts tricking!] How did he turn like that? Sunggyu, do you know how to do a cartwheel? [No no no no] Aren’t you guys dance singers? I can only show this kind of tumbling. They’ve showed a great performance of Girls Girls Girls. In the the 2nd mini-album, A, shedding the beastly image, they adopted a humorous and playful image. In July 2015, they came out with Just Right. Their music video has surpassed 100 million views. After Just Right, the next comeback If You Do got a first place in a music program. In 2016, their 2nd full album Hard Carry came out. Not just locally, but also internationally, they’ve Hard Carried. Music, cue! From the boys that have captured hearts of female fans to the charismatic boys. The 7 global members, have came back with their new song, Never Ever on March 13th 2017. (he struggles to read it halfway) If you win the battle against the MCs, later we’ll reveal the MV for the new song. Isn’t it great? (Sunshine Youngjae~) From cute to charismatic, we’ll have the members introduce themselves. Birth name: Im Jae Bum (imitating the other senior singer Im Jae Bum lol) Stage name: JB [Im Jae BumJB ver.] The 2nd member who has the same name as their boss JYP has used the name Junior/Jr. Now he has changed it back to his real name. Good at singing and acting, GOT7’s Actor Park, Jinyoung! “Except me, all other guys are dogs!” (his line in drama My Love Eundong lol) [Please get down on your knees, dogs(?)] [Senior, it’s just acting] [Embarassed] With a charming bass tone voice, in charged of GOT7’s vocals, main vocal, Youngjae! [Melting~] Next member, house dance is house dance. (?) 2nd place in 2011 house dance battle. Selected as the final winner in last year’s idol dance competition show (HIT THE YUGYEOM), GOT7’s dancing machine, maknae Yugyeom! [I am dancing machine!!] In charge of multinational(?), GOT7’s foreign line, we’ll introduce the 3 members. From far away L.A., Mark! (WHUUT NO~ *dead*) [Can’t react because they don’t understand] Mark is charge of cuteness(?). Hyung~ I missed you~ I don’t think this is right. I’m sorry. There’s no need for more words, the face genius (visual), L.A.’s young master, Mark! Mark is cute. He is the visual. Only the face. (I heard that Bambam!) He is someone you can’t leave out in variety shows. (not sure) Sunggyu, please act out as him. ME? Because Jackson is not here! Okay. Beatbox? Please do (reaction) for me! (Bambam’s reaction lol) Also, Jackson is a great dancer. What kind of dance? Why is Infinite like this? No. In a team, there are people in charge of different things. Mine is not dancing. In the team, Jackson in good at rapping too. Sunggyu, rap please. (lolol) Lastly, we can feel his charms when he does cute faces/expressions. Please show your aegyo, “Jackson”. [Culture shock] “Jackson”, if you’re going to do that vaguely, please go to the back. The other members are working so hard, what are you- The next member is so good in Korean that IGOT7 call him baemunsae(?) instead of Bambam. Baemunbae. His birth name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul. From Thailand, Bambam! [Hello, I’m GOT7’s Bambam.] [I like mackerels.] (?) He has a baby face. Yes, baby face. You have to smile. With overflowing aegyo. Actually, he had a baby face and lots of aegyo… …but as he grew up, it kinda disappeared(?). [no more baby face, only face remains (lol)] Can you show us “I dreamed about a ghost”? I dreamed about a ghost. Wow, it must be scary. Global boyfriend idol with colorful and versatile personalities, GOT7. But this isn’t the end. We will show GOT7’s charms in today’s Singderella. Coming soon! Heechul. There’s something that’s like hell to idol boy groups, right? It’s not gonna be easy. The fans like this segment a lot. That is… Part karaoke! You have to sing your own songs to the karaoke machine. The most important part is, there is a record. The best score is by… April with 98.89 marks. Because they got 98.89 marks, you have to get 98.90 marks, or 99 marks. If you surpass them, we’ll give you delicious lemonade to drink. If you don’t, we’ll give each of you raw lemons. We have to eat the peeled ones or… You have to eat it with the peel. What song will GOT7 challenge? We’ll go with the song that got our first first place, If You Do. How much do you predict you’ll get, GOT7? I predict 99 marks. Try it once. The prediction will be wrong(?). GOT7 will challenge If You Do in Part Karaoke. Will they surpass 98 marks, or… …will they fail and eat raw lemons? GOT7, If You Do. Music, please! Wow, it’s really a karaoke! It’s a real karaoke. (X2) This is gonna be fun. It’s our first time. [What is this…that members are so nervous…] Shouldn’t we dance too? What is this? Yo! It’s fun! [Super-focus on the karaoke screen while singing, Jinyoung] [Will GOT7 surpass the best record by April?] [Raw lemon chosen!] Luckily, the skin is peeled. Out of the 6 members, one of them have got to feel numb(?). Next, Youngjae! He’s drooling. Next, JB! As expected, like a leader…! [Nope…] Next, Jinyoung. Because Jinyoung is an actor… Please act like it’s nothing.(?) [Peaceful] “Except me, all other guys are dogs!” “Except me…” He’s crying. “…all other men are dogs.” It sounds like what you say when you break up. He’s really crying. Next, Mark and Bambam! They’re eating well. Lastly, we’ll have “Jackson” eat it. Because he did the charm appealing and all, he has to eat the lemon too.
[Hateful] Why didn’t Jackson come? Okay, “Jackson”. Since you’re a team. “Jackson”, good luck! [Don’t cry, MC Gyu…no…Jackson] It doesn’t look obvious since he always looks sad(?). The sound! (poor Gyu lol) Last time, because we had girl groups, we had to divide their team into 2. Today! It will be 4 MCs vs. GOT7 members. Will it be okay? We have more members and we are younger. Now we can see that Bambam is good at talking and Mark is good at understanding. GOT7 has to be nervous. Sunggyu! Yes! Please tell us how is this going to be. There will be a total of 2 rounds. After each round, there will be snacks (for the winners). The MCs will vs. GOT7. And the winners will immediately get their snacks. (JB gulps lol) As soon as you win- you get the snack. This is the 1st round. What kind of battle it is and what snack wil be given? Please take a look! [1st round horizontal bar battle]
[Battle snack: 5 types of chicken + soft drink set] [5 types of chicken: fried, seasoned, garlic, soy sauce, hot sauce + soft drink] Are you giving it all? Is it 5 chickens? 5 chicken is a lot. The 1st round is horizontal bar battle(?). We have to win, right? Since we are a little bit younger. There is no relation between being young and the horizontal bar fight. This depends on your will power, determination and patience. Your reaction speed has to be fast too. Reaction speed. I was a little late. GOT7, please promise one thing. Even if we get to eat, please tell the fans to not do anything to us. Sure. (X3) (Something like) Not even giving them food… This is a battle between men. Then, are we going to wear this to battle? No. Once we change into the training outfits, we can see who is good and who is not. So, let’s change the clothes. Do you want to do that or do you want to just take it off here? He can just take it off here. Are you ready? This is the horizontal bar fight. If you win, there’s fried, seasoned, garlic, soy sauce and hot sauce chicken. These 5 types. And soft drinks too. I like garlic. We can already smell it. I’m hungry. If you just start immediately, your body will get hurt. We need to do some stretching. GOT7 are dance singers. There’s Super Junior, H.O.T., Infinite. East and South Gate(?). I’m a Yangpyeong b-boy. He really did b-boying. Really? Who spit on the floor? I almost slipped. Let’s do a light one. Random dance. From now on, it’s a battle. What song is going to play? [These hyungs are cute..] (Go Youngjae lol) [Youngjae & Heecheol’s girl group dance battle!] [First time seeing a dance battle this peaceful] What is this? (Yugyeom’s like: Go slay it Bambam lol) wow! he’s good. [Now, the highlight of the song!!] [omg..] You’re doing good! Wait a minute. What kind of battle is this? You have to put freestyle! We did this so many times. [Dissatisfaction] What kind of random dance is this? [Okay! To be fair, we’ll give you one song] [Oh, it’s me…] What song is this? This is Sunggyu’s song! Show us! [I’m Infinite leader, Sungkyu!] Yugyeom knows this! Because I like them. You dance better. [I’m in charge of vocal] Is it Yugyeom? (kids, diz is what illegal looks like) [omo..] [showing his charms with American-style dance.] You’re doing good! [What is this guy doing here…] [Look at him!] What are you doing? [Revealed abs as a bonus~] Real b-boy! [Uh…umm…] What’s with the music?! [at an important time.. of all moment.. the music.. T.T] [Dying of laughter] [The music is on GOT7’s side] It seems that the production crew is on GOT7’s side… …so we have to win this battle. So we have warmed up. We will start the battle now! It’s 4 vs. 4. So, we will determine the winner through 3 rounds, right? So they should pick 4 members, right? Yes, they have to pick 4. But 2 of them must be Bambam and Mark. [Somehow looks weak, booking Bambam and Mark?] I’m going to do it with Mark! [Heejun and Heechul fighting to compete with Mark] [This hurts my pride a bit, though?] [Going onto the bar quietly, Mark] Show us a pull-up. [Lightly~] [Flustered] Wait, let’s switch it up. Bambam, you do it. I don’t know how to do this though. I have never done this in my life. [Huh? He’s doing well?] Come out, Youngjae! I don’t think I can? Why are they all so good? Youngjae is mine! X10 We will start the first game. Heechul, come out. Heechul vs. Youngjae Youngjae is mine TT [Heechul’s winning prediction] When you were flying- where’s your dorm? Ch-cheongdam. Ask your manager to come out, you’ll go straight there. Heechul will do that. What about Youngjae? I’ll hold onto him, then kick him down. [look at this boy..] Watch me, I’ll… Youngjae, fighting! Isn’t it a bit…if the MC wins? Don’t worry about that and start quickly! GOT7 fans, I can win for real, right? [what will be the result of this battle..?] [Um? Heechul?] [just like his warning, it ends after 3 secs.. (lol)] I knew it will be like this! This is too easy, though? Are you ok, hyung? (x4) What is he? I won! I let you off easily, right? (lol) [Ah…they are stronger than I thought?] Heejun vs. Youngjae I look soft/weak to you, right? You’re our big senior. No no, don’t say things like that. Heejun, please show how you predict you’ll win. If it’s Heechul, he will get hurt at the stomach when you hit him(?). But for me, no matter how much you hit me, I’m okay. I don’t feel it. If he grabbed my waist, I will take off one hand, and shake him off. Then, from there I will shake like this. [this guy’s exaggerating too much..] Heejun! What are you doing? [That hyung wasn’t lying] Wow, so heavy. [can’t believe it..] GOT7? Are you scared now? No no, we haven’t… If you’re scared, you can go and die(?). Then next, Bambam come out. We only attack the strong people. Bambam, come out. So scary. The difference between our bodies… The legs… Do you want to touch my thighs? Oh, so strong. Do you want to touch mine? It tickles. Bambam, win this. [Bambam is ahead in speed!] [The mic dropped] [Who will win?] I give up. [Huh? What?] [What happened to Bambam?] My blood wasn’t circulating. Bambam’s legs are crossed. That’s why his blood is not circulating. Heejun is winning like he predicts. If we win one more time, we get to eat it all. If you have the will to eat, you will win. This is for real… [We have to send out the ace now] If we win 3:1, it will be over. Please win it for real. The crew is on GOT7’s side, so it’s even more infuriating. [We…are the guests though…] There’s only 4 of us. GOT7~!
(lol the crew cheering for GOT7) The rest 4 of us are aces, so we will definitely win. Really? [JB’s overflowing confidence.] they’re confident even after watching the game, these kids. The aces have to come out. So firstly, Mark. Mark vs. Moon Heejun Mark is not ordinary. We really have to win. Really X10 Let’s eat chicken! Ready! Mark is good at this. [Current score 2:1] [If we win one more time, we get to eat chicken!] [But the opponent is GOT7’s ace, Mark!] [Which team will the 5 types of chicken go to?] [Can’t be…the game ends here?] [How can this be?] [Can’t even use his strength, Mark fails!] [He shaked him like this] [Can’t even speak because of the shock GOT7] [Managed to get the 5 types of chicken set team MC] Just one more time. Why? X10 We haven’t put out our ace yet. We should at least put out our ace. We have to hear a reason for giving you a chance… Bambam, let me see your left wrist. [Why my left wrist..?] [Shameless] Give us that. [Are you a gangster or what~] Then we’ll give you a chance. Heechul, don’t be like that! I’ll buy you a watch! Let’s sit down. It seems to me like, we’ve won the gold medal in the olympics then the silver medal winner wants another round. Because we want to eat it so much. If we win, then we’ll share it. Sorry to say this, but we already won. There’s no reason to share. We’ll add two chicken if the 2 aces can battle. Sorry, but we don’t have the budget. This floor is 21 years old! You think we have the money? Sorry, sorry. What is the one thing you’ve never shown as GOT7? We haven’t shown the side of us eating chicken. Really? Let’s keep that side as a mystery. We will try to suggest for you. The strongest JB comes out. Any member that thinks they can win over JB, can battle it out. Then the winner can eat. I want to do it. Youngjae, next time when you lose, can you face the front? Come out for a while. Please put this on. My family are watching this. My dad loves this a lot. Who thinks they can win JB? Challenge him. Jinyoung. JJ Project. [Hu…what is chicken…] Also, if the winner of this can win over Sunggyu… We will add one more chicken. I don’t have to do this though… Keep your arms straight. Jinyoung, you were handsome just now, what is this? [Jinyoung wins!] Jinyoung is awesome! [shy] His eyes changed. [Started with a shy youth’s face] [Man who has 2 faces, changed at the top of the bar!] Last game. If Jinyoung wins over Sunggyu, another member can eat with you. But if he loses, nobody gets to eat. You can do that, right? It’s the last game. Don’t think I’m easy. Nobody thinks that. [senior.. it’s not a threat, right..?] Then, both of you please lie down facing the front. As soon as it starts, you jump and hold on to the bar. That’s not easy. This is about speed. This is really nerve-wrecking. [MC team’s young blood SUNGGYU vs.GOT7’s fighting spirit JINYOUNG] [The result?] [Sunggyu was a little bit faster!] Sunggyu! It hurts!! Our Sungkyu’s jaw has been hit! Hyung, are you ok?? I’m sorry (x2) I’m okay.. (but) Jinyoung come here for a second. I’m sorry hyung.. My nose didn’t bleed, right? I’m sorry.. (x2) Sungkyu’s speed is really no joke. JInyoung hyung was the ace~ Jinyoung, come here. One person (Jinyoung chose), can eat together with Jinyoung, Rock paper scissors! Excuse me, please move out. Rock paper scissors? ^^ (aegyo) Okay, please choose quickly. Okay, aegyo! [who wants to eat, show aegyo!] aing~ jinyoung oppa~ Yahh, you’re eliminated. Bambam!! (x10) [what is it exactly…] [..Taking off his expensive watch (as bribe) lol!] Bambam!! (x10) [For the sake of eating chicken..] Aren’t you too much? It’s definitely Bambam! Who has more expensive than this, come out. [Give up] [Bambam won!] [Jealous!] Can i really eat this? [Eat with your whole heart within 30 secs] Wait.. you guys are already grabbing the drumstick first, [They’re fa.. fast..] [Idol? Let’s eat-dol..] Don’t we look too pitiful? [Here is more pitiful..] 20 seconds! [Silence] [Don’t make me speak!] [Stop just like that] [Drinking while following the table..] [Next round is?] [Midnight snack battle: Grilled pork set] Because GOT7 came this time, we prepared this specially today, [Team with highest total mark will win and can eat all of it!] [I want to eat it..] Now, who’s gonna sing first is really important, because one team can aim to beat the score of the opposite team. Anyway, the MC team will definitely win, We’ll compromise, GOT7 wanna go first? Then, JB lets decide it by RPS I will not lose He really won’t lose JB, you will throw off rock, [What is it?] Then I will throw off paper, But then you will change to scissor, So I’ll just throw off rock, then Then you will try to throw off paper again Then I’ll do scissor, So in the end you got no choice but to use rock [Lee Sugeun won!] How does he never lost once? He always won. [Amazed..] Can we try it once? I wanna try it too! So let GOT7 go first. Yes i’ll go first. Is it Im Jaebum’s song? I was thinking that at first, I’ll sing Rain sunbaenim’s “I Do”, By the way JB, what’s the reason you chose this song? At the audition back then, i was going to sing Wheesung sunbaenim’s “Can’t I”, But at that time, I really couldn’t sing it, so I sang “I Do” instead, I was accepted into the company using the song. [Will he succeeds getting a high score?] [Coolness explosive~] [A high score is needed for GOT7!] [Indeed, the score is..?] [High score 96.3 succeed!!] [Damn..] Why are we hugging? We are enemies! [MC’s team.. serious atmosphere] Just do it comfortably. Sungkyu-ah [can’t hear?] Ahh my jaw is dislocated. [Jinyoung conveys his apology..] [It’s okay! It’s just a joke!] It’s not that bad if we get 95 That’s right! [Team with highest total score will win!] Let’s go with any song we want to sing. Because GOT7’s leader went first, Our Infinite’s leader should go first too. You have to win this, the fans are really upset right now. Sing coolly for once this time, I don’t know if I can get a good score, [Sungkyu hyung sings well, though..] Sing Lee Moonsae’s “Hwiparam”, that song is really nice. [Whatever song it is, I’m confident..] [nervous] Basically for Lee Moonsae songs, you can get at least 90 points as a start, [is it..?] Ok, i’ll try. Lee Moonsae “Hwiparam”, i really like this song. I’m curious, I really think Sungkyu-sunbaenim is really cool, because he sings really well, but.. How much do you think the score will be? But I think it will be lower than mine. [I can’t let this stay put..] [nervous] [so cool!] [Indeed, the score is?!] [Disappointed..] [GOT7 leader JB won!] [Game is just a game..] [Bad hyung 1] 4 points difference is quite big! [Bad hyung 2] What were you doing?! I was going to sing a song that I want, but hyung said I have to sing this. When did I say that? Hyung said to sing “Hwiparam”, that’s why I sang it, I’m sorry! We’re done because of Sungkyu I’ll get 100 points the next one Your time is over! [Going far..ther] Can you include me in your discussion too? [I’m here!~] Why is Jackson here? [Come here Jackson!] “Don’t say goodbye” is good too, You, Goodbye! Isn’t it our turn now? You go first! No, no, no You guys are really agressive, aren’t you? Then, should we do RPS? No, this time it’s our turn to go first. Hyung, “Don’t say goodbye”, No, i don’t want! Just sing whatever you want, hyung, Don’t listen to this person! Many people don’t know this song, I know! I really like this song, But it’s really a famous song You should sing a well-known song, What’s the title? “Getting further away” Woww.. the pork set is really getting farther away, [Give up] This broadcast is really fun [Heejun hyung, hang in there!] [Goodbye, meat~] [Getting everything done today, heejun] [How . can . this . be . ??!] Getting this much is fine, right? If 80 points come out here, we have a chance, Go with whatever you want. i think we’ll get 90 points whatever songs we sing [confidence!] Whose song will you sing? Position sunbaenim’s.. ..not that one, “I love you?” This song is from year 2001. It came out when I was in 3rd year of high school. When did you hear this song? When I was young, I often went to karaoke, My sister really liked the song, She let me listen to it, and I liked it, as I sang the song, I (often sing it) at the karaoke. [A song you are confident in since childhood] [Be sure to score high…] Indeed, the score is?! Sing it coolly. (x2) [This song is nice!] [wow!] That was really good! [High score is continuously needed for final victory!] [High score, success?] [Satisfying score acquired!] I really like this song, you did well. [GOT7 team is still leading!] Jinyoung’s voice really suits well with this song, His voice is really nice. The score difference now is 2.34 Now it’s time for the 3rd round, Are you going to do it first? Yes, i’ll go first! Yugyeom is really confident since earlier, No, it’s not like that, I just thought it’s better to do it quickly What song are you going to sing, Yugyeom? I’m going to sing Zion.T sunbaenim’s “No make up” If you’re going to do that, you should really sing it with no make up then, Yugyeom always listens to this song, Ohh, so it’s a song that Yugyeom likes.. While sleeping. You listen to it while sleeping? Everyday. Ohh, like a lullaby. This is my first time singing it, though. Zion.T’s “No make up”. Revealed for the first time. You can’t sleep while singing, got it? [Reversal chance!] Yugyeom ah, that’s because you sing while wearing make up. [At lost] [Why are they like that?] I’ll give it a try. [We believe in you, hyung!] What song is this? Why are you all pretending like you don’t know this song? You don’t know this song? No. Aishh, i’m not gonna do it! [Sorry, hyung… lol] If not, please sing song that you always sung for us at the karaoke “Don’t pull a sad face” He really sings that well. I’ll go with “160” It was a great song. Look who wrote the lyrics. [The lyricist?] I made it with Tiger JK. Really? [Lyricist: Tiger JK, Lee Sugeun] [Shocked at seeing his name!] [Hyung’s name is really there!] [Expecting a high score] [High score.. my ass..] [We are ruined..] [This side is having a festival!] What the hell is 57 points??! [I want to hide…] [I hoped this was a dream..] How can 57 points come out?! This hyung is really embarassing! Turn off the camera. [Please explain about this score seriously for a bit..] Does this makes sense? Don’t be like that. Don’t lie to us T.T This is my first time seeing 57 points on karaoke, so embarassing. [MC team goes into panic situation because of Sugeun’s score] Isn’t it your own song, hyung? [Unbelievable result!] Wait.. (x2) [Listen to me guys..] (I’m originally a gagman) let’s just consider this as my congratulatory performance for being a singer. [Really funny] This is the worst score ever in this programme! The way i see it, this is the worst in the world, I admit the reality, but, GOT7 won’t want to win like this. [What are you talking about?] We want it! (x5) [Feeling unfair] [The rap was well sung, though..] It’s ok, there will be a “double ” chance at the end. Ah right! there is a “double” chance. “Double” chance? There’s no such thing like that. The score will go higher with the chance. [We won’t get fooled~] Now the score difference is 37 points lol. If it’s like this, we have to sing one more song. No, we don’t know yet what’s gonna happen to them. If Youngjae sings and get 50 points, this is gonna be simple, As I see it, Youngjae will get 0 for his score, because his name is young (0) jae. Isn’t Youngjae the main vocal? That’s right. [Quick give up] I’ll sing JYP PD-nim’s “Honey”. Oh “Honey”? Nice! I think he’ll get a high score. Now, GOT7 fans are making a fuss sending gifts to my house, [Thanks for the 57pts oppa], [Sugeun oppa the best!], [you’re on our side!] [The victory is GOT7’s anyway,] [Let’s have some fun!] [Yongjae confident challenge thanks to Sugeun’s low score] [Will it be an obvious result? OR a great reversal??!] [There’s no such things!] [GOT7 would still win even if the MC team got 100 pts!] [Goodbye meat…] Sungkyu-ah you should have done better at the beginning. Go away you 57pts!! [Sorry…] I got the highest score!! This game is finished. Hyung, all the score starts with 9-, only yours starts with 5-, Look at those, really, All the other starts with 9-, I just found out today that there is a score with 57.37. This is my first time seeing 57.37 at karaoke the whole 35 years I’ve been living Heechul hyung was so shocked when he got 81.67pts last time and traumatized by that You can get over that trauma, now. In the future, any girlgroup & boygroup that’ll come to Singderella, should do research first on how to get a lower score than mine before coming here Oooohhhhhhhhh What’s with the Oooohhhh???? This is nonsense! So, just like that, GOT7 won the 2nd battle! Now you should order your whole pork set out loud. If we call out “imo (aunt/old lady)”, they won’t serve us, nuna~ 1,2,3, “imo”!! One whole pork serving please! Please give us, nuna


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