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【vietsub】【thaisub】【Hindi】ep08-The legend of Zhen Huan in entertainment circles –光环之后Ten subtitles

Section Thane let me pass What has been built I have asked you Where are you poor? you are very good You’re not good at all Her hair is not good Her breasts are not big Her body is not sexy Where are you very good Jia Han worried about things Sister is nice, no one at all compared to her I’m not fooling you anymore If the sister is quite nice I do not stand here anymore Jia Han looks at me No one can compare with shut up I did not listen to the painting Let’s go Let’s go Let’s go Young Zhao stood in front of the car Yeah This is a bus Very easy to adjust the car How do you resist me? I tried to make you happy Make him happy Africa You want to hear me, right? I said Can you love me i love you I was loyal to you what do you want to do He can not love you and can not be with me Africa Africa Africa He dropped his hands to Africa I can hear it clearly He is a businessman Bees are also one The home combines a unique wall art eye Allow you one interview His work is the weakest This time This time probably will not allow me Lost again from your hands He wants not only my present Not just today or tomorrow Wants to have a lifetime He wants to be I belong to only one person Mr. Andy Yang is one person So who do you belong? He belongs to his wife then you I have nothing Currently, I only have a stage of representation But I just want to take this stage with you He knew I was in love with him I can love you But not the surname Those who talk to me are also a woman I also feel insecure I must get what I feel comfortable Do you understand So I can not belong to just one person I must prove myself in the acting profession I can rest assured with you Can not he sympathize more with me? Help me more huh He had what he wanted to be unable to give But I also want you not to give it Getting Now he has a harmonic scale What measures? Women’s leadership role in the new film Her mother shows me Mr Really want to pay me right How do you want to be impossible? I’m the best you are the best I’m the best I remember We meet right Now I spent all camouflage Naked in front of you Then hopefully from this moment onwards Two of us may meet in an emergency No camouflage How is that? See you at the meeting here How do Please be like me The meeting is an urgent meeting For my partner and sister basis the next day good news Must cooperate So the meeting must be honest Ho Fei Fei Although you are in love I still can not love The office is not clearly seen What is the current situation The situation is unimportant If so People will change their status I’m here to come here to soak my skin So this is not the case I know the contract with my sister, Sister The remaining three won My relationship with her I already understand So I’m getting ready After finishing the contract with her I will create a self-driving company If you can visit with me By variables and status you and me So no one can hesitate us This sounds really good But compared to My contract is less than three Her contract is still long That 30 million I charge That 30 million I charge right That 30 million I charge But the contract of cooperation must still be signed How it looks like a guide to marriage This is true, unfortunately Marriage proved But also for her to ensure forever My story says you will think But she never expected to be like Han Gia There will also be a day to find people please wait Perhaps there will be a day when I will make you a sword Because this exhibition is still successful Thank you, TY, for giving me the opportunity thank you! Thank you I went to the general exhibition What company can I do? Bao Bao knows advertising dealers Advertising companies can do Văn Văn and therapist S tài Very good relationship about me About the niche Not good Bad things are easy to represent other characters Without them I really can not find you going to the show Of course There is a chance Because the method and the ability are both second unless I have a special context With new useful companies I do not know How can you register me? I said it What does your home do? My house is very popular Only you and my mother are So for my father What does your father do? My house is only two people There is no special context Definitely what Help adult huh Getting Think again But my sister I told you already Exit How come now Something stopped You have reached Then speak directly Today, please come here The following wallet tells you He chewed Cao You have many possibilities But you have to meet the wizard So I want to sign a contract with you guys I know you guys are worried We can sign 3 wins for a trial period 3 beat the sky If we match, please Make long-term planning again How do unless I have a special context For new companies to be useful I do not know How can you register me? Sorry Possibility to be patient I can not tell you the whole plan And so on We ask for food first Just eat Just explained to you If the condition is satisfactory, you can say Nha I have a king trump card There is no need to risk it Wait and see Despite my relationship and taming Zhang Whenever you want to sign After signing the contract, I will know People sometimes gamble once Total talent How come here suddenly I want to tell you something He himself came here to tell him What is the job It was the last time he asked her about her I have already paid She was an orphan Of young people, living together with her mother Which allowed you to do anything unrelated to me not him Because he asked So I want to give you a clear answer She’s just a new person to me How should he understand it See before My overrated news Let me waste time Do a lot of useless things Sorry sir in the next time I must not make this mistake No next time Minh Lok Dai Bang Never for the next time Well total talent Sorry for the total Nothing else I go first What is that? General is naturally interested in a new person Lack of lake I give you a kite to pay someone New person from Nha Company More accurate possible Immediately Request seating I’m sorry that Also Mr. Locke Let’s run one thing Want to drink As long as your company sells agents I can take it out when I say it I do not need it He’s very polite wait a moment Get two boxes of top grade whiskey green Enter the lock Often said the audience does not enjoy a fortune You are indifferent to publicity I had to work hard It must give people benefits Say so What do you have to struggle with today? my dear My career is bigger than your career What should you do to work hard? I want to To acting I know too I sell electricity comfortably Accessories So today The new network was born Strongly designed 3 integrated circuits Free electrical circuit service suits I have a chance to enter It is a major investment in this industry And You want to call me Visiting teachers do not dare Give me two Uncle I is money There’s nothing wrong with making money for the industry There is nothing that can not be bought This bridge has a very high level But the second Ghost brave See you dare to fight with it If you already have money, you can not buy it Then fight it Like I know you are in the industry I want to go and steal I have this point My money does not talk anymore About money I am very much not to use it Then it is said I have the right to enter this Performance of the profession Just scared so far I do not know we are friends How not We are free to receive it Do not feel calm You do not see it like that Says job career More awake If yes I said that In professional representation Nothing has money that can not be solved Until now I lost money Buying a house is our feeling I do not know Can I buy it after that?
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How do you feel well 325 00: 18: 43,100 ->00: 00: 00,000 The cigar smell is very tough


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