【PC字幕】Medal of Honor 2010 キャンペーン#9 "Neptune's Net"

brother 1 we can avenge him can't hold this altitude we're spilling hydro fuel like a geyser a bus for 2 Texaco if we can make it that far Roger that probably done proceeded to the farm mother this is Drucker what's your status so you have two men in contact with the enemy on that mountain confirmed and how can be assumed they're there waiting for extraction I trained gonna live back in the pike all right mother standby get patched up sir I've general Flygon PTC Colonel looks like we took a bit of a hit in the valley today yes sir we have two fields still in contact on that mountain talkig are yes sir their team leader and petty officer requesting immediate reinsertion negative sir better to send fresh troops in I want those seals to brief the QRF back in Bagram ASAP yes without activity on that Ridge [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] look for your pack you on this guy even last night so we don't lose radio contact from the fall and it seemed okay now we're up here that's right this rabbit your targets on that aren't you the fire my way let me go don't oh don't tell rabbit get this clear thank you big down oh wait take your pick I'll get the other guy let's go we got three more Oh a prisoner you there's no other one Valley good one we'll just start under out rabbit up this way is there I'll kick your ass we got building rabbit we're going in what ifs Nixon remember little three you pick me up here clear what's that mean you're hungry what happened to the radio ideas can't go out the way we came in or broken bones bones heal let's do it you

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