【PC字幕】Medal of Honor 2010 キャンペーン#8 "Compromised"

now sir what do you think activity shit mother tibi you guys need to move south there's a lot of movement here in that Ridgeline all right over here O'Hare on the other side all right here here we're secondary LD probably what's the deal mother target burgers price Roger Noble three five we need cash in green to zero five eight nine we're moving south ready don't believe it directed to you target I'm clear [Applause] okay rabbit you're gonna like this load 53:5 round bursts conserve your candy-ass carry a rabbit's net floor really yes let's move another one another one you're gonna help me brush looks like a real run out of Lois before we run out of bad guys Roger proceed south from your current position we're looking for an LP west of the village Roger moving keep the meter running moving right can we clear this village why tonight what clear I got your name please be radio contact

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