【#Duckman】@tkentertainer collaborate with @herosan555【TK-Entertainer】

yeah please anybody comes for tonight I ain't gonna ask everybody to one line please will they say up tomorrow night so nobody comes inside all right guys let's begin this Oh okay everybody guys a district district [Applause] please take one step and beep on this side please take normal support yeah and people are back you guys come any closer all right guys everybody nice we're gonna be honest this one's pretty uh spontaneous show yeah nice basically we street performers we travel around the road judging people like this Katie more laughter crazy more happiness without you guys [Applause] everybody if you guys watch TV I don't man finish off this trick everybody say yeah all right guys this last trick okay little kid underneath you like it's very scary no my house teacher please do not peace guys you're nothing sirs in last ten years at least ten kids people-meter – okay you pee it's me I pee okay phi p OMG pcpd's everybody pees yeah everybody my last trick am i gay of chairman yeah everyday you're tougher time hello lady where is your camera this baby comes all the way from Bahamas just to watch our show today madam I want to give a special picture just for you oh yeah one more picture welcome to Canada picture it $20 final trick all right guys Brideshead nice when I put my money any seriously guys nobody pays she performers be out here I'll pass them you guys you guys make this show possible hey guys at the end of our show if you guys had a good time please come forward and put some money inside the bucket okay guys you might be wondering how much to put into a street performers bucket guys I generally a two-man show like this it's worth certain key your chemical solutions now guys I gently believe but sure guys you will not see this collaboration ever guys I think this show is worth at least the price of a pint of beer yeah the plastic plan to be shared Toronto is about $30 very expensive see ya guys nice $10 to buy yourself a beer sorry you had a good time yeah sometime people for $20 I'll be amazing donation with you man peaceful $90 everybody time Thank You $20 but thank you sir thank you much thank you you've done the first 20 Butler's pinky honors thank you


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