❤ BET Award Winners 2019: The Complete List | #BETAwards #BETAwards2019

  • Basically, what dark skinned black people want, especially the women, is our erasure. We shouldn’t get shit or have shit, as far as, they are concerned.

    Meanwhile, we are being completely clowned in mainstream media over this nonsense.

  • So glad you showed all black people, unlike other pages that only highlighted the "chocolate" folks. Once again showing how messed up we really are as a people.

  • why were there colorism accusations when there are plenty of darker skinned folks here? this was a fairly accurate portrayal of Black folks … (i'll pass on Fraudi B tho lol).

  • That’s right Ella Mai my Scorpio sis! Happy for her after jaquees stole her song. All my mixed/light skin fam stand up! Mary J deserved that lifetime achievement award for all classic music she put out. I’ve been a fan of Beyoncé up until she start mumble rapping. I like “formation” but everything else I’ve heard from her since then is garbage imo. They should’ve gave her that award before “The Carters.’ Or They should’ve gave that award to Janelle Monae if it was for 2018 but I know how it works. They give awards to the biggest names just so they come to the event, not necessarily because they produced a good product. Beyoncé didn’t and doesn’t even attend the BET Awards anymore. Most Cardi B’s music is trash too.

  • Those folks represent the array of complexions and nationalities that folks with Afro roots represent in the US and ultimately collectively across the globe.
    But, all we’re gonna hear from envious folks and colorism hoteps are look at all those light skin people.
    They will ignore celebrations of the achievements of any brown/dark skin person in favor of demeaning the achievements of any lighter skin person. Or they will only celebrate the achievements of brown/dark skin folks while saying lighter skin folks are either not talented and they won due to light skin privilege or say they aren’t actually black.

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