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ah gas is intended for mature audiences the views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way those of the partners sponsors or enjoy welcome back ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another spontaneous edition of the box and voice radio I am your host mr. Gibbs joined alongside Michael Gross and we bring you a live interview coming to you fresh off I guess Meteor row or news like headline Central WBO has ordered Oscar Valdez to face Shakur Stevenson of Newark New Jersey you've just seen him on ESPN putting on a show and we look to have him on the show right here in a few minutes so this is what we're gonna be discussing we'll be talking some shakur some Oscar Valdez purse bids will this happen will it be Frampton get his thoughts on whether it's Valdez or Frampton you know and yeah obviously jump out to Mike and all the other callers out here let's get some a co-host Mike in Indiana would it do box was calm yo yo yo yo yo welcome back welcome back to everybody out there in the TV universe have a very very good interview coming with Shakur Stevenson coming off a a very big kale victory over Alberto Gor Corvair I can't say it's last name but yet knocked him down put him down hometown debut this this young man is a truly truly a special talent in the ring last four fights three of them ended in a knockout victory or a TKO so he's been on the rise and I'm liking the fact that we're not seasoning the chicken nest I'm liking with not seasoning the chicken let's go right and get that title shot well we're not necessarily sure about right about that right this is just a WBO mandating whether or not Andre Ward James Prince top ranked decide the season we don't know just yet this is just the order from the sanctioning body in which the core is actively paying his fees and dues whether or not he chooses to move forward with this purse bid in Man Dacian is yet to be seen but hopefully we'll get him on the show he's scheduled to be on in the first couple of minutes so we'll have him answer all those questions but talk to me about style matchups if it is Valdes what are you expecting I really haven't seen too many Oscar bout this but I thought I seen like maybe three or four of them every time he facing us and he's not really overwhelming you know except for me I do remember these guys quick fight very vividly even those got quick came on and overweight and like I told you that zebra he broke Scott quit John not the other way around I had you got tried to correct me one day but yeah man that fight was a dogfight but I don't expect it to be a dogfight with Joker because he's not that kind of boxing on saying like uses his arrange and boxing ability to release another fly anything that the opposition is bringing at them right now ask about airs in my opinion at 126 is behind a Leo Santa Cruz is behind a girl wrestling I believe when you say behind you mean what talent-wise I just think those those two guys will be vowed this and be Warrenton to so what about the explosiveness of Valdes he's a you know big left hook guy loves to go to the body how do you see Shakur matching up with that do you think that it's simply down to the jab that nullifies all that I pick you when you go to the body you you always give yourself a better opportunity of stoppage if you invest in it early and we seen Shakur uh in the last fight the guy he was fighting when when when you started going to that body the guy just can't take it like he was shooting that their left hand like a pool stick right down the middle and he was doing it at range too and so I just feel like Africa bothers me I don't want to seem like disingenuous because I'm a understand but it is Shakur Stevenson and he has a Olympic medal a silver some people thought he won the gold medal match and just has that that that that Swagger up about is stuff that we all see that the disc is gonna be a multi division world champion one day but some people feel that he doesn't have the power and he won't be able to deal with the power of Valdez you can say that but same time you guys are not just rushing them you don't say I'll always fight other guys are just brushing them they're respecting something there so as it gotta be some kind of pop to to make you respect me and again he it goes to the body in just a accumulation the meeting can can overwhelm just uh a one hit knockout kind of power guy if you are accurate and you are arguing with your puttin placement and they all have a little pop on then to me the best can be better than a guy who just has one kind of punch kind of power unless you of course your powers like yachts a wider were one punch it was night night so according to the headlines the WBO now officially ordered Oscar Valdez to defend his featherweight world title against Shakur Stevenson next a purse bid has been scheduled for Friday August 2nd do you why do you think the purse bitch I mean I know it's like a semantics but whether they even get to first base it's not ask about this on time right he is he's also trained now by Canelo's trainer who they like to double as managers every now and then right so who knows what they're telling them maybe they think it's not in his best interest to stay at that weight remember that Andre Ward and sympathy Bradley spoke about that on the ESPN telecast we don't know but yeah you know you got a promoter but then you got a manager manager might want more money right for his fighter for Shakur Stevenson title defense or he might just you know they might strategically decide on dropping it and we do see a Shakur at Frampton for the vacant title that's a that's a real possibility and also I did see something with Jamil herring and maybe Oscar Valdez they they had a few do they have a few going on so like that a field I mean I think I've seen a headline that said Jimmy Oscar Valdez is full of BS he's lying about something I don't know I mean maybe I need to go and do more research I think I just seen a quick little a headline but I paint the route for Oscar Valdez moving up will be probably facing Jamel here and so I think if he does decide to move up and go to 130 yup the probably will be facing two million and I can't say that I fight between Shakur Stevenson and Carl Frampton it's not a good fight for the title I mean I think that's a that's the kind of fight that gives both guys kind of loss and pedigree you beat a car friend from you if you beat a young phenom like Shakur Stevenson in a chair Stevenson you beat a former champion he'll Wizzle I paint 2017 or 2016 a fighter of the year he wanted it in stays and when it over in Britain – well for those that think you know Shakur can't take the power of Valdez I mean he just posted that he was sparring with your Donahue guys he did eight rounds with all guys remember we had another bantamweight on the show not the Shakur is one but we had 118 pounder on the show and he let it be known he doesn't spar above 120 to 126 and he's sparring with older guys that was not at 147 at the time of sparring because it wasn't his weigh-in day no were to know welterweight walks around at 147 if it is in weigh-in day and obviously he spars Terence Crawford as well so I don't think that the power of Valdez is going to be anything that Shakur isn't ready for human David Haye meow I believe in the ring uh back in the day oh I think I seen a smart video of a name I'm sure I'm sure they they know each other so still no sign of him I don't know if you want to hit him up I'm right on the IG waiting okay give me a number Haley I got a press one as long as I know the number I could go straight to him but do you know anybody wants to call in will be taking callers in the meantime we're discussing obviously the WBO mandating that Oscar Valdez the finished title versus do you think I like I mean I know what you said season the chicken and stuff but he are you still other mindset if they are to take the fight I mean yeah like I would want to see him for sure like I don't know anybody he's be who we be yeah you know uh guy he beat but a good big I before that yeah and you gonna tell me something about Christopher Diaz okay oh yeah yeah I mean yeah yeah yeah we all know crispity that's it though but Diaz is best known for losing to my sight though whom hearing beat Diaz ahna get one loss to my side who herring beat if he only got one of those bring those to the Shakur oh really I mean okay at the time you thought him here I'm bad man mister dumb that's a decent win it is in a yo I'm on world title level win like let's do it as a as a Shakur fan yeah I mean I would like to be a bit more sure but I'm I'm not in the inner circle of the decision-making they know what they doing they see what they need to see outside looking in yeah man I mean y'all 126 is loaded right and I don't even know how loaded but he's number 14 in the world so like I'm just saying we could have put a name on his resume that that that reassured us I say who would that be I mean but but but we can't say that because we know that from the room rumblings of top-ranked and from unrewarded that lotta top names pulled out of the fight was against us Shakur because I didn't want to take it I every man but you know we need a name we needed something in there what a nice picture I don't see I will screen shit I see nothing nothing you know maybe toka calm because he fought kid Galahad and that looking looking where he's ran he's ranked below Shakur like there's really nothing in here I guess Eric hunter would have been a good test you know he's a good vet but there's nothing Claudio moderator would have been good but he's across the street he's really good he's ranked above Shakur by one ranking you know everyone above them and I get I get it like wife item or arrow when you can fight about deaths for the belt I get all that that's the thing there's no I still like this Kiko Martinez fight you know that that's a championship former but he ain't fight a former champion yet that's like that's not northern normal like you normally fight a former champion a title shot I mean yeah no not always no I get it you special man I got it listen Floyd we're at 17 I know he's going at what what is he ready I'm think she crooked I didn't get too many fights he's like exactly 12 in know what seven chaos yes when all that yeah he don't have like a long list of Facebook she anything I'm ready man I ain't it's about that time he's also 22 but I mean look he probably wants to accumulate a Canelo type legacy so he's starting early yep yep you can get your title 126 yeah cuz we all know he has ability to move up no saying he's a big 126 already so 130 shouldn't be much of a stretch for him so be a to division chamber before the age of 25 remember so here we have the rankings and obviously Valdez is the number champion a champion but but check it out see and it's gonna be some smoke and it'll be some bob arum oscar espn2 zone smoke right so if Michelle or gets that fight without Dez right he could end up facing as a mandatory challenger Joette Gonzales who just scored a big knockout right or didn't he get upset oh wait a minute wait a minute I believe he might have got upset bro this week ain't gonna knocked out I think oh no he beat Abby okay so and he beat the dog shit out of Eli now remember no you remember that he beat them bad Jowett Gonzales oh yeah yeah [Applause] that's gonna be Shakur or Valdez is mandatory after you know they do whatever it is that they do went with Valdez and the wind because Joey is number two now Magdaleno is creeping back up that division so Shakur could always get the title and then fight these names and get a bigger check yeah but a Magdaleno fight with him before title would be good cuz that's a former champ but I get it it's like the threat that Magdaleno brings is the same level of threat of Valdes might as well go for the shot and he's already ranked number one you man I can't be mad at the way he's been move because at the end of the day that the end goal is to get a title shot enemy why I'm not saying why I take those tough fights before a title shot but at the end of day I mean you you you want your you're a young prospect to shine young so every day has to struggle in struggle in a well what I don't fight no saying asked about this if he moves up and he has if I call Frampton I just think he's too long to be for a guy like Carl though started I believe that 1:22 right possibly so yeah man can't blame top ring can't blame Andre Ward no say oh yeah I'm all for it man I'm just trying to see worth where will it be it if it's car Frampton or if it's Oscar Valdez well they do it in LA or they do it on the west coast and Vegas or would they put it in New York you know sin or possibly even put it back in Newark if the numbers in the case that he did well last time I mean from the attendance it looked like he did extremely well yes it does like he did really really good but a fight like this they might put it in New York to capitalize on Mexicans too you know you did Madison Square Garden that that's why I said Elena on the sing summertime not summer but he's champion right he is but his ETA so I would think so did the car thieves defendant is built a Shakur hasn't it been a champion yet Valdez has done multiple defenses so I I don't mean no disrespect but I just think yeah but in this particular fight going into the promotion he's the ASAP but will he leave this I know he won't I don't know man he may or may not be the honest truth is about Dez has never faced another name this level or of this popularity he just doesn't have that on his resume he's been given you know safety fights in my opinion but we'll do a quick Google search and screen share see if I'm lying after all this mm-hmm I mean I registered really seen that many Oscar Valdez fight so for me to like really really make a so it looks like he became champion for vacant title versus Advani garbage that's his biggest name you know and and NASA's biggest name because his Vani garbage was a champ be Billy Dib but you know mighty Agra best known for losing genitive is sylvania best known for losing squat quick former champ that's a good name that's Scott Quigs the biggest name on his resume and and we know that's not the that's not the the up-to-date Scott Quig you know what I'm saying I mean that was a guy was three three pounds overweight so apparently had a broken foot to where he can do road work and some shit like then that's why I came in overweight but Oscar still gave him a taco show that really took a lot of punishment and that's right and gave out a lot of punishment and but one thing Terry Ellis always says is uh father never go the fighter never goes in the ring the funny he was when he leave that does something is like every fight something is taken from you know saying so I feel like you can say Oscar Valdez got pop but Eddie knocked out a guy that we think is as good as she Christine isn't he scored two knockouts one knockout in his last one two three four five fights so we carmine who come on I don't know who's that I don't even want to click on that dude's name and waste time when they said carmine so uh when the competition gets things tougher like like in most cases knockouts tend to go down I get you I get you man but uh look I don't know I'm not here to back I just know that it's not a given that Valdes is da side that's how we got on this conversation he's been you know babied for a while and you know his record indicates that I mean look after winning the title is when he fought a former world champ you know his van yegorovich was always limited he was a Russian Mexican and that's actually how he titled himself so you know anyone that wants to just throw caution to the wind and throw punches you know boxers gonna pick you up ah damn look at Manny Robles jr. jumped in the rankings in the WBC shoutout to you Robles he's on he's on top right to marry right I'm not sure man I think he's with PBC are you right or he might be a free agent Gaad thing you got like two losses you know I don't got a good fight say 126 at the top but once you start digging it – isn't that really really that that deep one I think 131 130 is gonna be the division for a sheik Irwin would eventually money if you go if you go you know based off Valdez's resume and you see how many defenses they gave him right he got the title vacant shot versus Advani garbage again that was decent cuz gravity was already a champ at one point so then after that look you got one two three four five six seven title defenses and out of those seven you know two names Mario guy and Quig which are worth mentioning and I don't even think my TI guys worth mentioning again if I click and we're gonna go down a black hole but who was Marty I got beat we he's these names are best known for losing it other than Scott quick who at least was a former champ I was gonna say I would wanted to see the that met the IBF mandatory kick away just got caught with kick got ass I can understand why they didn't want to wait in those rankings and when you look at the WBA they they're not going to mandate Leo Santa Cruz who was the super champion to fight anybody and then when you look at the WBC number two that's a young bar right there so WBO is the one to go and that that's to want to go with me I see why they did top-ranked deal what they did it well not that ring but they they're probably leaning towards it because that's the fastest way they probably won't get a title shot wins that title he's gonna be like he's out of those rankings unless unless you wanted season that the chicken like you said and possibly weight makes you some time to die because of mandatory with Josh warranted maybe take a couple more fights knockout for Jack tempura somebody liked it yeah not one he's got dog baby murderer was but Magdalena for dog they also make the little moved up I guess so but dog baby 122 and he was throwing down here I saw you need to move up he can't make wait wait he can't take the punches at once we move down to 118 and I've been a tournament with a new way of somebody human then never at a yeah Daniel well what's your final thoughts man looks like we've been stood up and this is just a quick report we wanted to bring it to you wit Shakur on the line but I don't know but yeah um final thoughts is a ready for me I'm ready to see if they pursue this opportunity and if they do I'm ready to watch the fight and you're saying to see where it's gonna be me too I'm happy that WBO already shook the tree so now we'll know it's gonna force Valdes and his team to make a decision which is gonna make Shakur make a decision which will ultimately make whoever Shakur eventually the decision which from these rankings it could be Joey Gonzales it could be Jesse Magdalena and it could also be called Frampton who's number four they wanted to be Frampton but will it be could be Joette which would be top ranked golden boy or it could be Jesse Magdaleno in house I'm your host Nestor gives Instagram and Twitter Majid you want in on this all right well let me get to these callers then these calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at El Camino electrical services comm remember to write us five stars on iTunes working shit but uh yeah man I mean I'll be excited for that fight you know cuz it it answer questions for both of the fighters cuz I got answers for I mean question about both of them you know I mean at this point of course Stephenson ain't sure was shit that he could take the belt you know beside I test on it on his natural abilities you know and I'm like vowed there's them had some heart fights or whatever you know so I just want to say I'd like to see the fight or whatever to see who better you know because I believe that you know about there's got so shitty for work or you know but we do not know I have no proof if your course TV says really care hand do that you know so shit I'm all for it if the opportunity to did take it alright mature thanks for calling in we're gonna go out to a machine gun Matt talk to me in Texas yo yo yo what up little good afternoon CBB yell now honestly I like this fight man cuz you know to me it's just it's it's about time for them boys over there Tom pranked you get get her get real test on a man you know like I don't like they said with the teal female 5 minutes it's they need to be in there with boys that ain't gonna sit down whenever they feel the power and skill you know I'm saying so but I feel like this fight might not happen I feel like here radha's was just vacate and go to 130 man cuz they are saying he's got in trouble with the late but I would love to see it happen or even a call for a man fight happen man cuz you know it's just it's it's time for him to get in the ring with like I said you know like on Drake like on their Ward said they don't with some boys that ain't just gonna sit down you know but yeah but that's my car man you know looking at I like some curious even a man he's got the face and he acts like a champion you know I'm saying but I want to see him in there with some real heat for sure well Matt man thanks for calling in Mike that's it I'm your host mr. Gibbs find me on Instagram and Twitter at nest GT Oh gross 1911 onaji and cross two three one two on Twitter catch you on the next one don't forget to subscribe to the youtube channel right here at youtube-dot-com forward-slash the box invoice click that notification bell so you can get a notification every time we go live as this was a spontaneous show making it our second of the day if you love podcasts catch us on iTunes tune in stitcher Spotify wherever podcasts are used peace


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