★ STAR CITY TOUR ★ | Birmingham's Best Family Entertainer Hang Out | Variety of Activities & Foods

hey guys here in Birmingham UK Star City is one of the most attractive places to visit so if you're popping down to Birmingham for a day out come down and enjoy a variety of activities to do and different places to eat her now the car park is free whether your parking indoors or out there's a bunch of activities such as crazy mini-golf rock climbing laser Quest there's two Arcadian centres inside algal football pitches and so much more to keep your family and friends entertained evening times on weekends this place does get busy especially when it comes to grabbing a bite whether it's from sherry Horn Gouda noodles or Nando's so best to get in early to grab your table anyway guys enjoyed this quick tour and I'll catch you in the next one

  • I take my children there all the time lovely 😊 place for the family you could be there for several hours in a day without feeling bored. The vue cinema is reasonable price as well £4.99 any film any day to watch. Lovely video thanks for sharing.

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