‪Oscar & Valeria died as they tried to cross the border‬ ‪Regarding pain of others‬ ‪Image Warning*

I want you to avoid seeing this image I couldn't bear to look you see the tiny hand the lifeless bodies you switch over you turn the page recoil angry the sheer grief of what you're being forced to see you can't do nothing but stare you see the war the grass reads the red shorts you think of how he held her how she still holding him the little trainers and tears for sobbing you think of your little ones regarding the pain of others it's not a defect that we do not suffer enough when we see these images the photograph forces us to pay attention to the mass suffering of others by established powers what sin while people drown in a sea or in a river and then use those people's struggle for life it's a tool for power for brexit or to make America great again the promised land the politics of fear of the other scapegoats the transference of evil for money for for political power we all lose to some more than others just some with their life because they believed another world is possible hold your little ones

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