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• dream eater • NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards Türkiye • lucid dreams (english subs)

When nightmares keep coming, sleep becomes torture. One will beg for nightmares to stop. As they wake up in fear and call out to the darkness, a being that devours nightmares will visit. The being will take one nightmare each night, but it will not stop when the nightmares are gone. Next will be the dreams, and it won’t be satisfied until it devours them all. Hello everyone, it’s Anzu! Today, I’m here with my final video for NYX Face Awards. As you know, the last them is lucid dreams, and or clear dreams, so I got inspired by the Baku monster in Japanese culture and decided to create my own character. I hope you will like it! Then, let’s start! First I will show how I made the candle accessory, For this you will need a silicone gun, lots of silicone, like 15-20 kind of lots- a mannequin head and long candles. First, I will form a base for the candles with silicone. When it reaches the shape of a headband, I’m getting the candles and cutting them in different lengths. I place it on the silicone base and start to surround it with more silicone. But, candles might start melting because of the heat of the silicone, You can actually benefit from this because as the candle mixes with silicone, it has a thicker texture. However, you can have a hard time keeping the candle straight, so keep it in mind. You can peel it off from the mannequin as the silicone dries, but it won’t be as tight as a normal headband or crown would be, So if you glue some alligator hair pins on the inside of the accessory, you can easily secure it on your head. I also tried to light the candles beforehand to predict where they would drip on, because I don’t wanna burn myself. I definitely DO NOT recommend lighting the candles unless it’s a photoshoot, as it might not be safe. If you are still going to light them on your head for a photoshoot or something else, make sure to have at least two people watching out for you and keep some water close to you. I was wearing blind lenses while shooting this, so Dastan was watching out for me carefully and kept a bucket of water with us just in case. So be careful and stay safe! Since the accessory is done, let’s move onto our makeup. I’m using the Hydra Touch Base so I can spread the SFX paint easier. It makes my skin oilier for a while, so it is super easy to blend the cream paint. Then, I’m using the powder to set the paint on the top&bottom eye area. Especially the paint on the eyelids have a high chance to crease, so I might have to set it again later. Now I’m getting this blue lipstick from Macaron Lippie series, I’m applying it around my eyes and upper cheeks. then I will blend it with a sponge. I will layer it until I reach the tone I want. Now, I’m choosing these two blue shades from the Element Wind palette, I will start applying it roughly, It’s not a contour or blush, I’m trying to imitate the sky texture. So I’m applying the makeup very roughly. Afterwards I’ll soften it with the lightest blue eyeshadow and powder. I’m applying it especially more on the outer part of my cheeks and nose. Afterwards, I’m returning to the lightest blue I have to blend these together. I’m also making sure that the color is more intense on outer cheeks and nose. I’m not very satisfied with the intensity of the color yet, so I’m applying the pigmented blue with a large brush, starting from outside. And then I go back to soften it with the powder. To draw clouds on the blue base, I’m getting this white eyeliner, I am drawing the clouds, but because they look too sharp, I am using my finger to tap on it and soften the edges. Because I can’t stay away from my dot details, I’m adding them too. As I go on, I am reapplying the white into some clouds, this is helping me to give them more dimension. Now I’m taking this blue shade from the Ultimate Brights palette, Starting from the edges of the clouds, I’m adding some shadows, But I’m not going for a realistic shading, I just want to imitate the sky a little. I’ll go over with the darker blue with a larger brush, starting from the outer part of the face. For my eyes, I’m going to the Fire palette and I pick this yellow/golden, Using my finger, I apply it on the inner part of my eyes only. This will be my base for the pigment I’ll be using, Because it has much more pigment, I’m going over the eyeshadow with the GO H.A.M pigment. Now I’m taking this shade from the same palette, First I’m doing a guide line for my eyeliner, I also apply it to my under eye area, but I’m leaving some space. For my eyeliner, I’m going for the “hazy” vinyl eyeliner, I’m drawing a cat winged eyeliner, as I follow the guide line I did earlier. For my eyes, I’ll be using these 3 shades, I’m drawing a line with the red eyeshadow, to the part that my eyelid folds. I’ll blend it later on. To that corner, I’m applying the brown eyeshadow, With a fluffy brush, I’m blending it together with the golden eyeshadow. Now I’m getting the third shade I’ve chosen, which is more like a brick red, I go over the red line with it and blend them together. I’m getting this pink from the Brights palette, and I apply it lightly on the tip of my nose. Following the shape of my eye with the white eyeliner, I’m brightening up the inner part of my eyes to give more dimension. For my brows and lashes, I’ll mix these two colors to get a light blue, and first I apply it on my own lashes with eyeliner brush. Afterwards, I’m putting on the false lashes I’ve colored with the same paint. Now I’m doing my brows with the same color. I’ll add more details with this blue eyeliner, just like I did with white dots. I’m doing the same details with a yellow eyeliner as well. For my lips, I’m applying the Kitten Heels shade with a brush, I’m blurring out the outlines with the brush. After that, I’m getting this pink eyeshadow from the same Brights palette, and I’ll blend it with my lip color as I start from outside my lips. Now I’m getting a darker shade, I’ll start by applying it onto the middle part of my lips, and blend it outside. This will help with the gradient effect. Right after that, I’m applying some black eyeshadow only on the middle and blend it out. As the gloss, I’m using the Bad Girl shade . For the details on the lips, I’m going back to the white liner with a very thin brush, As well as some trembling lines to the upper side, I’m adding more dot details. I go back to the yellow eyeliner and draw some straight tear lines. Afterwards I’m getting the glitter primer with some nail deco stuff, and I add them on the end part of the tears. I brush the eyeliner brush onto the white jumbo eye pencil, and I paint the part that connects with the blind lenses. It will make the tears more realistic. I also add some more details right next to my brows and above my eyes with the white eyeliner. With the same brush, I’m applying yellow eyeliner dots near my eyes and connect it with the golden eyeshadow. Lastly, I’m painting the part of my neck that shows from my dress, I also apply powder on it so it won’t smudge onto my dress. And with that, our makeup is done! Thank you for watching, and especially thank you for rooting for me until the end! I’m so grateful, I’m also very happy that I got to go until the end this time, and that I get to share it with you. I think that’s all I wanna say for now, Then, I’ll see you in my next video, Bye bye!


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