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​D.R.A.M. Reacts To Broccoli’s Grammy Nomination

Big Baby D.R.A.M. Multiplatinum, what’s up? I got the news like this: I was in, uh,
Williamsburg, Brooklyn in a AirB&B and I was,
uh, literally just talking, you know, with a friend of mine and, you know, I hadn’t been to sleep yet,
and I just type on my Twitter, like, “BBD,” you know?
For Big Baby D.R.A.M. And somebody responded saying, “I hope the Grammys
don’t snub you today.” And I was like,
“??? What?” Like I had no idea
anything was going down. Twenty minutes later, um,
my manager, uh, calls me. He’s like, “Yo we-
we made it! We did it! We’re- we’re on the
fucking Grammys, da-da-da.” I’m like- like,
“Damn, like… we’re nominated.” And it hasn’t even
hit me all the way yet. Then- I don’t know man,
like my mother hit me. You know, she was excited
and just- texts just went
in like crazy. So here’s the story [laughs]
about how “Broccoli” was made. Uh, we was in LA. I saw Yachty
was in LA so I hit him up. I said, “Come through
to the studio,” he said, “Alright, cool,”
and he came through, uh, J Gramm and Rogét Chahayed,
myself- we were in there, you know, and uh, basically,
you know, we had a loop going and, you know, it was cool and, you know, we was just in there, uh, and I was like,
“It needed something e- extra,” you know?
Whatever, whatever. And then we came up with
uh- a flute as the noise and I was like, “It needs, you
know, give it [imitates flute].” You know what I mean? And Rogét played it
exactly how I told him to. Now we had something. You know, Yachty got in there,
he did his verse and I- I just stepped in there
and, like, literally just whatever came to my head
for the hook, like, ♪ In the middle of the party,
bitch, get off me ♪ like- like, it was just,
like, a freestyle. So it wasn’t like premeditated
or anything, you know? But after the song was
complete, I was like, “Man, we gonna call this
one ‘Broccoli’.” You know what I mean?
It’s gonna stick! It’s not even really
a weed song, to be honest. But you can get
high as hell to it. [Off-camera laughter] Shout out to everyone
involved in that record, ’cause goddammit, it got
us a Grammy… nomination! You know, Grammy-nominated
Big Baby D.R.A.M. Multiplatinum, what’s up?


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