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“ச்” (Ich) – Tamil Short film – Best Entertainment + Best Dialogues award

The world we live in,
consists of 700+ billion people… …where each one has his/her own problem. Some worry over the dooms day. Many (here) complaint about power cuts. Some over food… …And the rest over water/liquor. But the only problem that exists… …among both the genders is “LOVE”. Having said that, you are gonna witness… …the love life of a 24 year old virgin boy. Are you a man? Why Mom? I’m finding it so difficult to lift these vessels… …And you don’t even want to help? You could have always asked that… …without questioning my gender! Huh! Useless! Just like your father! Do you wanna know what’s the… …most saddest thing about being a 24 year old? It is, still being a virgin. Yes. I’m one of those boys who hasn’t kissed his girl… …with whom he is in love with,
for almost 3 years. Dude! I just happened to lose my virginity!! Hey, What are you saying?? Yeah, with Sindhu… …from the commerce group. OMG! You just met her 3 days before,
how come then ?? Yeah, yesterday we were casually playing… …mummy-daddy game
and you know it just happened. Holy S***!!! What are you looking at ?? She’s so bad dude… NO! It’s only me who still remains
in the category of a forbidden kisser. Mr. Ramalingham, Have you filled the timesheet? Will complete it now.
– Finish it soon. Before I start my story… …I should tell you all about this guy. Boss! Is your full name Ramalingam ?? Yeah…so what? Such a funny name you have
(he guffaws) (voice over) Mr.Alagusundaram,
HR Priya wants you in her room… He he, Right away. Although he is contradictory to his
own name which means ‘Beauty’… …he is the most successful playboy of my team. Don’t laugh.
It’s a fact indeed..!! Hey Shakthi, its you
and you only! Love u so.. soo… sooooo much. Unfortunately, Once I happened to
tell him my story… …UNFORTUNATELY!! For three years ?? The same girl for 3 whole years ?? You are kidding me right? (Murmers) I would have made
3 women pregnant in 3 years. Boss, not even a single kiss ??? What did you say your girl’s name was? Devi…… Is Devi not beautiful ?? What !! When she walks down the road… …all eyes look at her. Then I’m sure she does resemble “Kuthu Ramya” Hmmm… Then certainly she looks good. And you too look handsome, just like me… Then what is your problem
in taking it forward ?? Wait wait!
Don’t tell me you are GAY. Boss.. Boss… I beg your pardon!
– @#$%^&* Dude, how is it going? Its all yellow. I meant your life !! Oh! That appears to be so shallow! Ya, I get it.
I know it’s tough not been kissed at all. No no, I have kissed her so many times. Oh yeah! Really?! Don’t look! I can’t pee then. Oh sorry., sorry..
When ??? Then, you reach home and call me, OK? OK, I’ll hang up now… …Love you, Bye…
Muahhhh!! Ahh.. love you., love you What? You wont kiss me back? Not like that… Hmmm… …Muahhh !! Hmmm 🙂 Oh, tell me Mom.. Where are you? How many dosas,
you need for dinner? I’m in my cab.. Hmmm.,
Just 4 is enough. Ok, then bye. Ok mom, bye.
Muahhh !! Heyy! What was that sound ?? Ahhh, It’s nothing mom, bye. Over the phone ????? Yup, over the phone! Seriously, you kissed her over the phone ?? Yeah., I don’t wanna sound awful… …but have u atleast touched her ?? Of course, we shook hands on her birthday. Uffff… Don’t bend too much, it might deflect the ship., Huh, just kidding !! Devi and I have met only
for thrice or 4 times. I proposed to her once. …And our love developed through
SMS and over Facebook. Do not jibber-jabber, look at the beach… …full of love, everyone seems
to be very busy… …And you boast about kissing
her on the phone. This is totally a public nuisance ! Do you call this love ?? Look at that couple… They are lying on the sand in this hot weather… …not sure whether they are dead or alive.
Is this called love? There seems to be some movement., Cut it out, I can never do this ! Ohhh ! Divine love, isn’t it ?? A simple chance, can overlap your divinity. What will they do? You know how hard,
it is to find a room? Simply don’t blame them !! Why are you getting tensed ??? Brother, have some ‘Sundal’ …I always find you under the boat
and I am surprised to see you here. Enough, go, get outta my sight..!! Ok bro, will see you
under the boat at night. He seems to talk well only when with ladies.
(To himself) What? Why are u laughing ?? Boss, if not for non-veg, one should
atleast have vegetarian food… …else one will die of starvation. Now, what do you think my age is ?? Hmmmm…..33 !? 24 !! 24!!! Yeah, just 8 years less. 9 years boss, but see… …I’m already done with 7-8 chicks. 4 in school, 3 in college and it goes on… (Voice over to SIR GOUNDAMANI…) (Comedy Scene in TV) Will you please keep at one channel? Hmm.. hmmm… Hah, How do they kiss with such ease !!! I have heard that men think
about sex once in 8 seconds… …Quote unquote, I think about it
once in every 5 seconds… …so i started to forget the rest. Idiot, Won’t you flush after you use ?! Trust me, you can also watch the TV
after switching it on!! What do you think you are wearing ?? Boss, kissing isn’t a sin, right? Then there’s no account for all the sins i have done. Even yesterday with our HR Priya !! Hmmm!?
– Hmmm!! She is also a woman, right? How come boss?? That’s my boy! Trust me… Take her to ‘***** STAR’ movie, Because… There won’t be anyone in the theatre
even on the second day of the movie! Characters in the movie are so loud and noisy
that others can never hear your sweet noises !! You will never regret missing the movie !!! But keep one thing in mind… …Don’t dare to watch the movie,
then I’m not responsible !! (‘***** STAR’ movie in theatre) Goodness me., No one is sitting in our row… There are just 5 members in the theatre. Seems like it’s not even possible to change the row!
(Talking to himself) What??
– Nothing 😛 Demi-god… Hey.. my demi-god’s movie !! This is how, a movie should be. Movie is really nice, right? Finally… …They made me watch that movie. You gotta learn to handle it boss… Shall I show you a demo ?? It’s OK, I can still give you another idea. Bald headed B**** !! What was the idea again ? Oh god! Going out for the first time with her… Hey Devi.. What’s up?? Hey Hi… Who is this? Your boyfriend? Hmmm yeah., Hey, this is Karthik and his girlfriend. Hi.,
– Hi.. Dude, why do you ride a woman’s vehicle? I have heard that riding a bike
with big tank can lead to impotency ! So why do, you even care about it? Oh, you have lost it already?
Thats why, you no longer care about it?? Honey, You know about my capabilities right?? Hey @#$%^&*
Let’s go. Hey why are you so silent all of a sudden ? Who the hell is that goatee? He is just my colleague, chuck him… …We are having our first ride together… … I’m so happyyy…
– Heyyy!?… What are you doing? That too in a public place! Karthik was damn right!! Who? Me! Do you want me to prove myself
by kissing you here? Right now?! Yeah?! Let me see!! Wait and see, I will show who I’m… Stop! Where do you think you are going?
That too in a wrong side. Actually, I need to take a U-turn. U-turn is right behind, What are you doing here… …in the dark? That too with a girl !! Move it., Move it…. These people always search for a dark place! We truly love each other, right? Boys are lame but girls, are always smarter ! Given or taken, KISS is always a beautiful thing ! After the ‘ICH’ Hello, you never said what happened after that kiss? I’m not sure which kiss you are talking about..? Idle, right?? Take care of the child, Like a real man. You could always ask me without questioning my gender.!?!! …and where were we?., Oh yeah, that kiss!!… We gotta take another movie to show what happened after that kiss… 2-4pm is power cut, so before that
shall we bid goodbye to everyone? Wave your hand and say bye to aunties and uncles !!


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