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وات أباوت زا فيرست أوسكار | What about the first Oscar

Hi Leo Leo Hi I’m za firsit journalist coverring za Oskar from Egybt, Cairo and aaaaaa i want I’m sorry, what was the question?! Question is aaaaa what about your first oscar for you? Well, I say we can talk in Arabic, much easier! Cool, I’m the first Egyptian journalist covering the Oscar from here Mmmm I’m saying, I’m the first Egyptian journalist covering the Oscar from Egypt Welcome Thanks Oscar what? Sorry?! The Oscar Yes What about? What about what?! Your Oscar My Oscar?! Yaaah, he he What about it? What about your Oscar? I can’t understand you Your Oscar What kind of thing is that !,What’s wrong with my Oscar, Mad’am ? Come on, tell me, i’m asking you! Nice The Oscar is good, golden and beautiful! Is it the first one ? Yes, it is Is it the first Oscar for you? Yes The first? I swear by God It’s my first one! So what again? WTF?! as you know i’m the first Egyptian journalist and… You are most welcome again! and it’s your first Oscar …So Yes , so what ???? Sooooooo What?! I am thinking we should take care of each other What exactly do you want form me?! Say: ” I love you Shaimaa ” in the microphone Please, can somone come here and see what’s wrong with this woman WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME MISTER RONALDO ! Who is Ronaldo?! What kind of day is that? Sorry… sorry.. What a day?! Sorry Mr. Leonardo I just wanted to ask you … WHAT AGAIN? He He He OMG Just wanted to ask you about the Oscar This one? Yeah Here you are I am going down to you Please Mister , please …make way .. Please Ms. What a Sh**y Oscar ! hehehe …ohhh Leo Keep calm It was such a damned day, the day I won this F* Oscar! Did someone send you? ohh my Leoooo going to tell yaaa WTF do you want from me huh? LEAVE MY PANTS ,JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE Would someone kill that woman please? Ohhh myyyy Hehehehe and here goes my Oscar It was the most horrible day, when I got it Not in front of people you naughty boy I wish I have never got it! I wish I have never gone into that business in first place! What are you doing woman ?! Comm’on my leo don’t do that F* that Oscar


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