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احلى فعاليات في بر السعودية🇸🇦🐫!!

Hello, today I will show you activities… O God, what is this inconvenience? I will put it on silent Anyway, let’s continue One of activities we do in Saudi Arabia I went with my family to the desert I have filmed many videos there, Important, who did not press the bell, press the bell, because there are problems on YouTube And also this is a new post on Instagram, add me My account is will show on the screen I want you to add me because after this video You will find a new post On Instagram Ask your questions in comments, and I will not read them myself When will I do a Q&A video? soon And… Enjoy the video. And do not forget to add me on snapchat This is Finally we have arrived to the camp, I know there is strong wind but … We can not stop the wind And I can’t Cover everything… Why? Because there some girls do not want to appear on the video I hope you enjoy it Now we will play… Oh my God, my God! On the sand board, stay with us. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. sorry to stop the video but I want to mention something… Here I forgot to put wax on the board So we had to speed up the video Because I was skiing too slowly In this shot only, but in the others I put wax Stay with us. Now we will try this Now this one Come on I swear I threw it Next more I do not know what you call it


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