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יצאתי לחפש להקה, תכף אשוב | Meet Wild Oscar

Thank you! We’re The Raw Men Empire. Thank you. (You’re f**king good!) It was good, but you should use a distortion or two Distortion? Me?! Definitely WHAT IS IT?! Hey, what’s up? – Hey! Do you wanna start a band together? – Sure! Alright! We’re gonna start a band together! Hey! – Hey! Do you wanna form a band? Sure, but maybe *after* the show is over…? Hey! What’s up? – It’s alright Do you wanna join my band? Sounds great… – Yeah! Yeah, cool, but if you could just get out of my frame, we’re in the middle of a Balcony TV session Oh, sorry! I like the way you play. Do you wanna join my band? For real? Sure, why not Yes! Jack White, do you wanna join the band? I have something better to do Sheesh! What a douche! Orel Tamuz! How about you? Ahm… yeah, sure! Yeah! Debut concert In-D-Negev 2014 Festval In-D-Negev 2014 Festival, Friday @ 13:30


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