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Операция «Ы» и другие приключения Шурика с русскими субтитрами

Wacky horn music strange rhythmical noise od pulsating kind loud man scream of horror bang–bang Whistling, whistling
written: Shoorik (a nickname for Sasha) “lololololololo” exclamation ecoing, resembling a law pitched yawn at the end repetitive, long, interrupted quitar string being strummed sounds angelic women’s voice singing slowly
high pitch sound gentle, melodious,
great acoustic, trumpet repetitive sound disappearing very low Ha-ha-ha, monstrous Text: movie director P. Feller text: naparnik (coworker)
Jazz music, contrabas, piano,
fast, quiet text: actors names “in episodes: (names) ” Trikotazhnaya Factory Bus Stop
Time Table Jazzy music playing, very fast paced piano, trombone, drums, trumpets, Bus hydraulic brakes (Shurik, being the kind person he is, is letting everyone in before him) damn it, now he missed the bus The sound of brakes,
Shurik is too nice and polite.
He helps everyone.
He alreday missed two buses. :”( The man looses patiency and gets on a bus, anti-Social behavior as comedic gag Places Reserved for Passengers with Children and The Handicapped Intoxicated Bully, folk music, accordion. “have a sit, daughter” “its nothing at all, keep sitting” “dear citizen, please give your seat” “STAND up” “if I stand up, you’ll just lay down” *drunken hicup* wonder what’s going on… “dear citizen, these spots are specifically for children and the handicapped!” “and she’s what – children or handicapped?” she’s on the path to motherhood well…, I’m on the path to fatherhood, hohoho I mean really… what nonsense Drunken chuckling…. In fact here is a disabled person Ah a disabled person! What are you going to say now? (Tugs at ear) My apologies. The Law is the Law Please, take a seat. Thank you so much Ah!! So you are sighted! Well, then get ready to become blind! SCREAMING!!! SHREEKING!!! Tires Screeching Do you confirm the testimony?

We confirm. well… So as for the victim You work in construction? On the side Shockingly: what side??? Oh, I study at the Poly-technical College Ahhhh Student! 15 days of Community Service Well, citizens Alcoholics, hooligans, slackers, Who wants to work today? Uh? Jobs for today: sand quarry – 2 man. sand quarry – 2 man Announce full list, please Sand quarry – 2 man Street cleanup – 3 man. Meat-packing plant for today … no positions. There is a job on dwelling house construction site cement factory What about Distillery?


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